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What are these if not enhancements to the reading experience? That in itself is a quiet revolution. Page-sniffers who dismiss ebooks out of hand are being unconsciously ableist. For decades the partially sighted were limited to the large print section of their local library, limited to only the usual, bestselling, suspects.

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The ability to enlarge text means that many readers are enjoying diverse voices, novels in translation, experimental short story collections — anything they want, for the first time in decades. Ebooks have given them access to a pleasure they thought they had lost along with the best of their sight. Likewise, downloadable library books are a lifeline for the housebound booklover, who may have lost their mobile library in any round of council cutbacks. Finally, Nourry claims there is no digital experience. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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  8. Critical reception was also generally positive, although some criticized the movie as overly preachy. A serialised version of the film was aired later that year. There was also a Malay language remake of it done four years later. Steven and Karen Yeo's Jack Neo and Xiang Yun busy schedules give them little time to spend with their children, leading to a strained relationship.

    With his mother absent, Chengcai was raised by his ex-convict father Huang Yiliang , whose fighting skills he inherited.

    Chengcai, on the other hand, is more physically active. Unlike Tom, Chengcai comes from a working class background and lives in a cramped apartment with his widowed ex-convict father Huang Yi-Liang. His dad may have the right intentions, but he has a pretty horrible parenting style - if Mr. During a school check for mobile phones, Tom is caught with a pornographic VCD. As his teacher confiscates it, Chengcai makes a cheeky remark that provokes the teacher into slapping him, leading to an exchange that escalates into a massive scuffle.

    Ebooks are not 'stupid' – they're a revolution

    The principal decides to expel Chengcai, and subject Tom to public caning for his part in the scuffle. Tom and Chengcai later join a local street gang ; as their initiation , they are forced to shoplift an iPod. Jerry, who wants his parents to come to his school concert, starts saving money, but he can't save enough and eventually resorts to stealing.

    After he is caught, a furious Mr. This prompts Mr.

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    Yeo to read Tom's blog and realise how unappreciated and alienated their children feel. Having finally understood their children, the Yeo parents watch Jerry's concert, much to his delight.

    What to Do When Your Child Says "I'm Dumb" or "I'm Stupid"

    A struggle occurs, and Chengcai bumps into several gangsters , while Tom's mobile phone falls out of his pocket as he is tackled by vicious vigilantes. The phone hits the ground, accidentally calling Mr.

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    He rushes off to the scene and pleads the old lady to give Tom a second chance. When the police arrive, she tells them she made a prank call , which meant to give Tom another chance. Two days later, Mr.

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    Yeo meets the conmen and gives them thousands of dollars of hell money ; the conmen are then arrested by real police officers who have been waiting in ambush close by, and then Mr. Yeo heard the news of the big succeed with his company, which Tom and Mr.

    Yeo remain overjoyed. Later, the gangsters whom Chengcai bumped into earlier beat him up. Lim, who happens to be nearby, tries to protect his son, but suffers head trauma after being pushed down the stairs. He is taken to a hospital, critically injured. On his deathbed, Mr.