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It has been arranged for 6 parts. Watch on YouTube Download: parts , score , live recording by Avanti. Adagio for Strings is a challenge because it is so slow. I made the arrangement in for Avanti, and now converted it to MuseScore, and made a small correction too. Note that this is not yet public domain until or depending on your country's legislation. The arrangement for accordion quintet or orchestra is an abridged version just over 4 minutes instead of 9 and shows an interesting contrast between a very difficult first voice lots of ricochet with large chords and relatively easy other voices, especially when using diviso.

To show what this arrangement sounds like Professor P made a recording available.

Casta Diva is one of the better-known songs from the opera Norma by Vincenzo Bellini. There is also a duo version. This piece is in the key of Es major and requires a high Bes in the first voice. To make it playable by musicians lacking that high Bes but having A like most piano accordions do I have also included a transposition to the key of D major. This famous minuet has been arranged for quintet and for duo. It is not difficult but the 1st accordion part of the duo version requires a little bit of melody bass.

Download: parts , score , duo version. This is part 3 of the Gothic Suite. It is easy but delicate. Download: parts , score , recording Avanti. This is the final part of the Gothic Suite. It is quite difficult, especially the end of the first voice. But when played well it is a fantastic showpiece. Download: parts , score , recording by Avanti. This is a well-known piece by Alexander Borodin.

Because of the difference in range between standard accordions and a viola and cello the string quartet has been arranged for accordion quintet.

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It sounds deceptively easy, but in fact there are some interesting challenges: the melody transposes all the time for which I introduced key changes where the original just uses loads of accidentals , there is some very long fast bellow shake and tremolando which is difficult to keep up without weakening after a while. To give an impression of what this sounds like Professor P made a recording.

Because this piece is both long and difficult near the end I also created an abridged version instead of which omits the difficult part with all the below shake and tremolando. To give an impression of what this version sounds like Professor P made a recording. Actually this is "remixed" from the recording of the full version.

Download: parts of full version , score of full version , Musescore source of full version , parts of abridged version , score of abridged version , Musescore source of abridged version. This is the main theme of the TV series "De Fabriek" that was very popular in the eighties in the Netherlands. It is best suited for a large accordion orchestra first voice requires at least 3 players, second voice at least 2.

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This arrangement has been performed by the "Accordeonvereniging Aeolus" Spankeren, Dieren, the Netherlands and they published the recording on YouTube. This is my first "serious" own composition. It is based on Cello Suite nr. The Cello Suite is normally for unaccompanied cello, and I have once performed it on the basson accordion after transposing it down a bit.

Here it is transformed to a swinging song for 5 players: 3 accordions, one percussion player which can actually also be done on accordion and then the basson.

Frühlingslied, D.398 (Schubert, Franz)

My second composition: a rock and swing number using the composition Vocalise by Serge Rachmaninoff. Vocalise is a long slow piece, hard to make this sound interesting with an accordion ensemble. But by turning it into a rock and swing piece it gets a completely new twist.

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To make this easier for an accordion orchestra divided parts 2 and 3 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b are included. To make it easier to imagine what this may sound like there is a recording by Professor P. The third movement of Symphony nr. The first voice requires a high Bes.

Frühlingslied Liszt, Franz (= piano) score female choir (SMezA) and piano | eBay

The third part can use the high C but can be played without. As for the bass accordion, the whole range of 40 notes is used when available. To get an impression of what the arrangement sounds like, Professor P made a recording. Download: parts , score , Musescore soure.

Frühlingslied (Schmücket die Locken..)

This was the first major hit of Caro Emerald. I arranged it for sextet, and we once performed it with a singer during an accordion weekend in Ouddorp Zeeland. This composition I consider still way too recent to make an arrangement available for direct download. But if you want to try it, let me know. Arthur Benjamin compiled the Concerto around The first part is "Introduction". The arrangement has a different ending because the original only leads up to the second movement and cannot really be used as an ending.

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The arrangement is made for quintet, but it is possible to also play this piece with just two accordions, albeit both using both sides one with melody bass and the registration has to be adapted to create an acceptable balance. The quintet version is rather easy, the duo version is rather difficult. Download: parts , score , Musescore source , duo first voice , duo second voice , source duo first voice , source duo second voice , recording quintet version by Professor P.

This is originally a solo piece which I arranged for accordion orchestra. It is quite difficult, but really fun to play. Download: parts , score , live recording by Avanti. This is the best known Humoreque from the series of 8. The arrangement is written for 2 accordions and for 5 accordions.

Mendelssohn: Frühlingslied

By combining parts from both you can also do 3 or 4 accordions. Download: parts , score , MuseScore source duo version , MuseScore source duo version. This waltz by Antonin Dvorak immediately sounds familiar and may remind you of similar work by Tchaikovsky. It sounds deceptively simple but is actually quite difficult to play. It is a joy to listen to though. The arrangement is for quintet but an orchestra can divide parts to make it a bit less difficult to play.

The arrangement is for large accordion orchestra 8 accordion parts, bass, timpani. It is best when the first voice 1a can reach high C but this can be avoided through a register change. This is an easy piece except for the solo , for a small accordion group with solo on accordina. This tango has been made "interesting" through a somewhat difficult solo part inspired by different virtuoso performances found online and a moderately difficult bass part. The solo requires high notes typically only found on button accordions.

There is also a "joke" inside: at some point someone should stand up and play four measures from Libertango and then be reprimanded by the conductor while the orchestra continues playing.