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A year-old Boris Becker made it famous when he won hearts and the Wimbledon trophy in , but his famous dive carried on even after he stopped played. Both the men's and women's trophies are some of the finest in sport. The Rosewater Dish, the trophy for the women's single champion, has a mythological theme and has the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare Minerva etched around the rim.

DW sends out a daily selection of hard news and quality feature journalism. Sign up here. Trustees auctioning the items said they capitalized on the tennis season, especially Wimbledon. Her name is Cori. Her nickname is Coco. Her goal is to be the best women's tennis player in the world. Welcome to the world of Cori Gauff, who is suddenly a fan favorite at Wimbledon. In a dream match-up on Centre Court the world's best player, Novak Djokovic, took on the best of all time, Roger Federer.

The crowd was for the veteran, but it was the year-old Serb who enjoyed the final cheers. Novak Djokovic has won his second Wimbledon title after beating Roger Federer. The Serb ended his spell of three sucessive defeats in Grand Slam finals. Wimbledon is not only the world's premiere grass tournament, it is simply the world's most prestigious tennis event.

But what makes it stand out from all other tennis tournaments? DW takes a look. Roger Federer proved that age is only a number once again, as he produced a vintage performance against Novak Djokovic. The year-old's , , victory also ensures Rafael Nadal ends as world number one. Stefanos Tsitsipas is embarking on his tennis career just as Roger Federer's is winding down.

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There may be 17 years between them, but the exceptional Tsitsipas is showing all the signs of being tennis' Great New Hope. Germany's Alexander Zverev kept his nerve to win his must-win game against Daniil Medvedev and set up a semi-final against Dominic Thiem on Saturday. Zverev's victory means Rafael Nadal, the world number one, misses out. Mehr Informationen zur App finden Sie weiter unten im Newsletter!

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Edifici pubblici, scuole e uffici utilizzano molti dispositivi avanzati. Nelle scuole non ci sono solo computer, laptop e tablet, ma anche smart board e proiettori multimediali. Luci, riscaldamento, raffreddamento, ecc. Un approccio socio-tecnico integrato al cambiamento comportamentale per il risparmio energetico, basato su strumenti digitali semplici ma innovativi per rendere i dati sul consumo comprensibili a tutti, ha ricadute sociali, ambientali ed economiche di grande impatto.

Se usiamo meno energia, proteggiamo le risorse naturali, risparmiamo denaro e ci preoccupiamo del nostro ambiente.

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Non sempre i dipendenti di un ufficio o gli studenti a scuola possono avere queste informazioni. Il progetto enCOMPASS si concentra su questo, svolgendo tre progetti pilota in tre diverse zone climatiche e in tre tipi di contesti: residenze, edifici pubblici e scuole. Le persone coinvolte sono incoraggiate a risparmiare energia partecipando a un gioco competitivo. Niente paura se non hai ancora il gioco da tavolo.

Il gioco fornisce anche una breve spiegazione, per le domande meno semplici. Leggi la spiegazione qui sotto e indovina la risposta giusta. During his period in the foreign ministry, Stresemann came more and more to accept the Republic, which he had at first rejected. By the mids, having contributed much to a temporary consolidation of the feeble democratic order, Stresemann was regarded as a Vernunftrepublikaner republican by reason - someone who accepted the Republic as the least of all evils, but was in his heart still loyal to the monarchy.

The conservative opposition criticized him for his supporting the republic and fulfilling too willingly the demands of the Western powers. Indeed, some of the more conservative members of his own People's Party never really trusted him. In , when he first proposed an agreement with France, he made it clear that in doing so he intended to "gain a free hand to secure a peaceful change of the borders in the East and [ Stresemann hoped for an escalation of the Polish crisis, which would enable Germany to regain territories ceded to Poland after World War I, and he wanted Germany to gain a larger market for its products there.

So Stresemann refused to engage in any international cooperation that would have "prematurely" restabilized the Polish economy. In response to a British proposal, Stresemann wrote to the German ambassador in London: "[A] final and lasting recapitalization of Poland must be delayed until the country is ripe for a settlement of the border according to our wishes and until our own position is sufficiently strong". According to Stresemann's letter, there should be no settlement "until [Poland's] economic and financial distress has reached an extreme stage and reduced the entire Polish body politic to a state of powerlessness".

Besides waging economic war on Poland, Streseman funded extensive propaganda efforts and plotted to collaborate with Soviet Union against Polish statehood. Gustav Stresemann died of a stroke on 3 October at the age of His masonic membership was generally known to his contemporaries and he was criticized by German nationalists as a "lodge politician".

Stresemann popularized the style of substituting a short dark lounge-suit jacket for a morning coat but otherwise wearing morning dress for men's day wear. The look became so identified with Stresemann that such outfits are often called " Stresemanns. If the allies had obliged me just one single time, I would have brought the German people behind me, yes; even today, I could still get them to support me.

However, [the allies] gave me nothing and the minor concessions they made, always came too late. Thus, nothing else remains for us but brutal force. The future lies in the hands of the new generation. Moreover, they, the German youth, who[m] we could have won for peace and reconstruction, we have lost. Herein lies my tragedy and there, the allies' crime.

Novak Djokovic wins fourth Wimbledon title

Media related to Gustav Stresemann at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in French. July Click [show] for important translation instructions. Machine translation like Deepl or Google Translate is a useful starting point for translations, but translators must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the English Wikipedia.

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For more guidance, see Wikipedia:Translation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Germany had, of course, quite officially recognized them in the Versailles treaty, but had not been in a position to refuse to sign.

Darkest Dungeon / Großes Finale - Livestream von Bisu Zimt [German / Deutsch]

First biography of Stresemann. The author stood in contact to Stresemann for years.

ATP Finals: Djokovic outclasses Zverev and secures semi-final place

Enssle, Manfred J Evans, Richard J. The Coming of the Third Reich. New York City : Penguin Press. Fischer, Wolfgang C. Brent , eds. Freemasonry in Context: History, Ritual, Controversy. Lexington Books. Mulligan, William Monographs in German History. Schwarzschild, Leopold Guterman, Norbert ed. World in Trance.

Novak Notches Slovak Open Title

London: H. Shirer, William L.

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