Losing Our Virtue

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Losing Our Virtue by Wells, David F. – CVBBS

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Losing Our Virtue by David Wells (Paperback)

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Faith and Life. First, he shows how litigation has become a way to avoid the acceptance of blame. Second, he speaks about how psychology today has become a way of salvation for modernity. If you have a problem in your marriage, simply go to a psychotherapist who will ensure you that you are not to blame for your problems but your parents or some other person was at fault. The gospel message here is that you are deficient because you do not have this or that product.

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But, you can attain the ideal read: salvation only after you buy and use this or that product. Wells speaks at length at how shame and guilt have been redefined by our culture. Wells argues that shame and guilt are necessary by-products of each other in a world dominated by moral decisions. In other words, guilt is a response to sin and shame is a response to not being what we ought to be. Therefore, shame runs supreme in our culture because when we make mistakes or violate moral codes, we are ashamed not because we believe we have done anything wrong but because we are not fulfilling the potential within ourselves.

Guilt then, is a response to being unacceptable before a holy God. It is clear to see then, that shame does not always act in a moral medium but is rather subjective from the individual. Wells argues that we have transitioned out of a phase of feeling guilty over our wrongs to one that is shameful that we are not our ideal. It is God who bestowed on us honor at creation by giving us human capacities the conscious and therefore the soul. Then again, even more gloriously, at the rebirth of salvation.

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He then says that someday there will be a judgement and everything will be exposed. Lastly, he explores what this means for the Church. He speaks of the pervasive individualism of our psychologized culture with their false gospels.