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Trust me, the only thing to dye should be your hair, and when occasion merits, your eyebrows. There is no glamour in a corpse.

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Struggle to find a foothold, then let go. Silence is a scream. Dear Nell, people who ask: Is the devil ecumenical? How long is string theory?

Is this the last place God made? Let your letters be to friends not posterity.

Avoid green ink. What is that acronym CRU? Mammy examined my run down heels, said I was hard on shoes and it was true, I threw myself hard into everything.

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My Biro indented the page. My books too — squeezed, flattened, pawed with butter, dripped with cocoa, pushed into pockets and once between the covers of a missal when I hoped to get away with reading Enid Blyton in Mass.


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Animal Farm left after the picnic at the Mass Rock, drenched by rain, ruffled by the wind, swollen like my feet inside the oven of the kitchen range in Burnfort. What does that signpost say? Always in a rush. Yet that day there was time for shopping, just us, after the convent visit.

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  5. Monsters are rumoured, name by whispered name. Reason has slept and is waking to madness. Succession now falls on the fool and the gambler, Jokers and knaves have trumped the royal game. If drilling or poison make the rich land barren The people are schooled and know who to blame. Those who are Other inhabit deep shadows. Those who dissent must know what will happen: The staged confession in the public square Where Reason has slept, and wakens to madness. If the tower cannot reap, the tower then will harrow.

    In the cellars are ledgers and instruments of shame. We have woken to madness. See corkpoetryfest. More from The Irish Times Books. Sponsored Find your top luxury travel destination for Alexa, what helps me feel more organised and keeps me focused on fitness goals? Applications for National Childcare Scheme entitlement to open November 20th.

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    Pumpkins, poultry houses, sperm tests, a vacuum cleaner salesman, a father's damaged brain, an anatomist's tools, a baby falling from a fourth-story window-all of these come to the page distinct and palpable. At the same time, the work finds a central inspiration in theoretical work like Jeremy Rifkin's social criticism. They are a pleasure to read—a mixture of drama and noise that gives them an almost three-dimensional palpability.

    In Nostalgia's Thread, poet Randall R. Freisinger presents accessible and provocative meditations on ten of Norman Rockwell's most familiar images--shedding new light on the work and demonstrating the dynamic relationship between art and its beholder. The poems bear witness to the fact that each cultural era must reinterpret its rich artistic inheritance within the context of its current collective experience.

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    Hand Shadows In these poems Randall R. Freisinger imbues his subjects with their own life through his verbal equivalents of hand shadows. Replete with loving and healing gestures, the poems manipulate and thus overwhelm loss. And the hands of a stranger catch a baby thrown from a fourth-floor window by her father. If some of these dramas sound like fantasy, we have only to consult the local news.