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Ravens Have Social Abilities Previously Only Seen In Humans

I lift my face up to them in a good morning gesture, wondering if they recognise me, or even see me beneath the surface of the glass. They sail around again, uttering their throaty, guttural croak. The books tell me that the name for the raven is onomatopoeic: the Latin name Corvus corax derives from the Greek Korax a croaker. Indeed, the list of names given to the bird sounds very like their modulating and responsive communications: Croupy Craw, Corbie, Biadhtach, Bran, Cigfran, Feeagh, Corbeau, Crovo, Cuervo, Kolkrabe, Raaf, Korp, Korppi, Hrafu, Oreb; the names run together like the blether of the ravens now bobbing in the tree-line running east to west across my window frame.

These names denote a way of looking and seeing that is attentive to what is really there. He ignores my question, and replies instead to the birds, rolling his little tongue off the roof of his mouth in an impressive mimicry of the imposing black creatures that can be heard around the oak-lined edges of our croft and beyond.

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As is often the case in the western Highlands, by the time we have made our way downstairs the southern sky has morphed into something altogether different through the north-facing windows. Rain has begun falling straight down in a fine curtain from clouds gathering from the west, and the loch and the hills beyond it are grey. I cannot hear the ravens now.

Shards of bright yellow sunshine still slant through though, shimmering on the purple-red birch branches and beading the buff grass with occasional radiance. Against the murky backdrop a single siskin glows a vivid yellow-green in the lancing light. Our four-year-old son sits at the kitchen table, intent upon a Biff and Chip book; in the last few weeks he has been desperately trying to read. He senses the worlds that are open to him if he can only learn the language required to connect to them, and at times his frustration is palpable.

I empathise entirely.

Raven ~ bird call

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