Relations et co-inclusion: Islam en Belgique (Compétences interculturelles) (French Edition)

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Select a country assessed in total. Please click on stakeholder's acronym below recommendation to display its response. State of Belgium. Comme il manquait des membres dans certaines commissions, celles-ci n'ont pas pu fonctionner pendant de nombreux mois. APFF asbl.

Ces axes ressortissent des droits provisionnels et des droits protectionnels. Bilan de l'action de la Cocof en application du Plan: - Action d'information pour le grand public. Garantir la protection sociale de la population 2. Lutter contre le sans-abrisme et le mal-logement 5.

Elle a eu le temps de peser chaque mot.

Et finalement les portes se sont ouvertes. Terwingen et al. Pc parl. Ce qui permettra de mesurer plus objectivement les besoins en magistrats et personnel administratif. De nombreux pays donateurs se trouvent dans une situation identique et ne peuvent respecter cette norme pour des raisons similaires.

Source : PF Mineurs en exil. Le public cible ne comprendra pas certaines personnes. Voire la recommandation 6. Son examen est toujours pendant. La loi vise les risques de violence entre partenaires mais aussi ceux concernant, par exemple, les enfants. Cette interdiction vaut pendant 10 jours maximum. Deux nouvelles lois sont venues renforcer la lutte contre la violence domestique. Plusieurs mesures de lutte contre la violence et discrimination transphobe sont reprises dans ces deux plans.

Actuellement, le facteur contraignant est le manque de moyens financiers. Nulle part! The Government has made similar statements when questioned on the issue by UN treaty bodies and to the European Committee of Social Rights. Such clarity in law is required because of the deeprooted and near universal acceptance of punitive violence in childrearing and education: prohibiting corporal punishment necessitates countering the perception that some level of physical punishment is acceptable or even necessary in disciplining children.

Numerous research studies attest to the continued subjection of children in Belgium to corporal punishment in homes and schools and a high level of public support for this. A detailed report of the legality of corporal punishment in Belgium is available at www. Consider withdrawing its reservations to various instruments to which it is a party. Condemn any manifestation of racism, discrimination, xenophobia and Islamophobia in political statements and pursue its efficient measures to combat these phenomena in official and media sectors and within the public at large.

Promote freedom of all religions, including by passing laws to give Buddhism the status of a recognized religion. Consider the establishment of a national human rights institution in compliance with the Paris Principles.

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Establish an independent national human rights institution in compliance with the Paris Principles. Establish an independent national human rights institution in compliance with the Paris Principles in order to further strengthen and institutionalize the government's policies and strategies. Continue considering the establishment of a national human rights commission in compliance with the Paris Principles. Make effective the Paris Principles, notably those relating to the establishment of a national human rights commission.

Explore the possibility of consolidating the work of existing institutions and establishing a national human rights institution in conformity with the Paris Principle. Take into consideration the recommendations made by the Belgian Parliamentary Special Commission on "the treatment of sexual abuse and acts of paedophilia within a relation of authority, in particular in the Church" aiming at better ensure the rights of the juvenile victims of sexual offences and in particular to increase the limitation period applicable to crimes of rape of or sexual assaults on minors.

Redouble effort to achieve the appropriate implementation of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, in particular with regard to full exercise of right to education, and the protection of minors from sexual abuse and exploitation and, above all, to put an end to detention of foreign children in closed detention centres, in accordance with the decision of Minister of Migration Policy and Asylum.

Continue efforts to strengthen its international cooperation to prevent and punish acts involving the sale of children, child prostitution, child pornography and child sex tourism. Adopt and fully implement as soon as possible the national action plan against domestic violence. Continue its efforts in the area of women's rights and finalize the national action plan to combat domestic violence.

Include homeless women and children, including unaccompanied children of foreign origin as priority beneficiaries into poverty reduction strategy. Fully implement all laws, policies and programmes which have been adopted to strengthen gender equality and the rights of women.

Strengthen relevant measures in order to improve further gender equality. Accelerate efforts aimed at fully implementing the wide range of laws, policies and programmes aimed at strengthening gender equality and women's rights. Continue its efforts relating to human rights education and training, particularly for law enforcement agents.

Increase human rights education and training for police officers.

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Fully implement in time the provisions contained in the Master Plan regarding penal establishments. Ensure full integration of persons with disabilities into socio-economic and political affairs, particularly equal access to job opportunities, promoting of their right to education, adequate resources for care and support for children with psychosocial disabilities in the family and in the community, and finally, to ensure their accessibility to public transportation and buildings. Continue and further step up efforts with regard to the promotion of human rights education.

Continue its close cooperation with civil society in the follow-up to the UPR session. Facilitate the active involvement of civil society stakeholders, including human rights non-governmental organizations, in follow-up to the review. Clear the backlog in responses to thematic questionnaires of the Human Rights Council Special Procedures. Pursue its efforts relating to human rights education and training in order to make its internal mechanism to combat discrimination effective and more efficient.

Increase its efforts to eradicate any types of stereotypes against women. Take necessary measures to enable women to exercise their rights without harassment, coercion, and discrimination. Take all appropriate action, including programmes of education and training, in order to eliminate prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Strengthen its measures to prevent and combat xenophobia and racial prejudice among politicians, public officials and the general public, in line with the recommendation of the CERD.

Interculturel et didactique des langues (Luc Collès)

Increase the effectiveness in preventing any cases of xenophobia or racial discrimination that have been demonstrated by officials and increase its activities to combat these scourges. Take effective measures to curb racial hatred and religious intolerance, by strengthening its measures to prevent and combat xenophobia and racial prejudice among politicians, public officials and the general public.

Take further steps to prevent racially motivated violence through awareness-raising activities and improve the employment situation of immigrants, as well as to combat violence in general and strengthen the prosecution of those who still engage in it. Improve overall conditions in prisons and adopt relevant measures to tackle the problems such as overcrowding. Improve conditions in Belgium's prisons, including in relation to overcrowding.

Guide Relations et co-inclusion: Islam en Belgique (Compétences interculturelles) (French Edition)

Remedy prison overcrowding and its repercussion on the right to health. Continue promoting political and legislative developments in this regard regarding measures taken to reduce overcrowding in prisons and to implement the master plan, as this is a theme that affects countries in several regions in the world. Allocate more resources from the national budget and take additional measures to improve the situation in prisons and so as to ensure that the deteriorated penitentiary situation is no longer be a problem in the country. Adopt efficient measures to reduce prison overcrowding and enhance hosting conditions of penitentiary facilities and shelters.

NEWS - Archive for November and December 2002

Take measures to reduce the amount of time that defendants spend in pre-trial detention. Take steps to improve the conditions in the closed centres for aliens. Finalize the implementation of the "Master Plan for More Humane Prison Facilities" and continue to take action to address the problem of overcrowding in prisons and its consequences in regards to the conditions of the prisoners. Give priority to measures that reduce the backlog of court cases and that provide for adequate staffing in law courts. Adapt procedural law to the requirements established in the Salduz case, guaranteeing to detained persons access to a lawyer from the moment of the first interrogation. Address the situation in its prisons and detention facilities particularly in relation to their exposure to frequent strikes of the prison guard personnel.