The Organizational Sweet Spot: Engaging the Innovative Dynamics of Your Social Networks

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The Organizational Sweet Spot with Dr. Charles Ehin

There may be some areas of disconnect that can be addressed or opportunities for further reinforcement. Workplace demographics can change rapidly and you need to be responsive to this to ensure your cultural messages align with what your workers want and need. Here are some questions to ask as you get the process started:. The leaders at LoyaltyOne recognized that their workforce was changing. In response they created a Millennial Advisory Committee. The objective of the committee is to develop a dynamic, sustainable culture for the future workforce. The committee is comprised of high performing and diverse millennials who provide insights on programs and help champion LoyaltyOne's culture and values through a grassroots approach.

Similarly at Corby Spirit and Wine, they are committed to engaging young employees to embed social responsibility into their business. They created a nine person global team and attended the One Young World Summit last year. There they came up with 20 project ideas of which four are currently in development and receiving tremendous feedback and enthusiasm from not just their millennial employees but employees and leaders company-wide.

It is also important to stay connected with millennials in your workplace. Gen X and Boomers likely hold many of the leadership and management roles in your organization so making a special effort to stay in touch with what millennials are thinking is critical. Beyond your efforts in communication and performance management, you need to create an avenue for millennials to express themselves and share their ideas with leaders and key stakeholders.

We have much to learn from each other and tapping into the creativity and stewardship of this youngest workforce generation is key to identifying opportunities as well as strengthening your culture. A great example of staying connected to millennials comes from ATB Financial. As part of a quarterly survey directed at its millennials, they asked for volunteers to form a team to represent their generation and share their insights through an Action Learning Team.

This team provides millennials with an avenue to make a difference, voice their opinion and help make decisions that directly impact their day-to-day work environment. RBC is doing something similar with its NextGen group. This group has eight chapters across Canada and enables RBC employees in their 20s and 30s to build connections with peers and leaders while creating a positive impact on the people they work with and the businesses and communities they work in.

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Restaurants has a reverse mentoring program where they pair junior employees with senior leaders to educate them on the latest digital trends in social media. This reverse mentoring provides an excellent avenue to not only forge connections and stay in touch inter-generationally; it also ensures leaders to stay well informed on the latest trends. Another important piece of the engagement puzzle is to get involved in the community. This generation of workers is highly motivated to improve the world they live in and this starts in their own communities. From sponsoring a local charity to getting involved in community events that raise money for specific causes, millennials see these as opportunities to give back, connect with the community and develop a purpose.

The majority of the workplaces also use community events as a way to celebrate with their employees and build their cultural connectedness. Through this program, G Adventures employees are empowered to change their own lives and create happiness for themselves. It is important to keep in mind that all four principles need to be fully in place before an organization is capable to function in a self-managing or homeostatic mode.

Where conventional approaches consistently fail to bring success, more pragmatic approaches need to be found based on the latest multi-disciplinary research in such fields as evolutionary psychology and social neuroscience. Grooming, Gossip, and the Evolution of Language.

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New York: Springer. Skip to main content. Hack : Sociocultural homeostasis and business success. March 9, at pm. Increase trust, reduce fear. Make direction setting bottom-up and outside-in.

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Expand the scope of employee autonomy. Life is inherently a very dynamic process and, therefore, a constant balancing both at the individual and group level.

The Organizational Sweet Spot

Consequently, for an enterprise to succeed its systems and practices need to have the flexible capacity not only to support its business goals but also the physiological and mental needs of its members. This is especially fitting considering the tremendous progress that has been made in neuroscience in the past few years. Practical Impact.

First Steps. Take a serious look at the operations and culture of three companies: Morning Star, W.

New York: W. Norton and Company. Unleashing Intellectual Capital. Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann. The Neuroscience of Leadership. Bright Air, Brilliant Fire.

Illuminating the Art of Medicine

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