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by Smith, Jerry

The specifics of how one grieves will depend on a number of personal factors, including one's relationship with the parent, religious beliefs, previous experience with death, and whether or not one believes it was "time" for the parent to die. A Loss Due to Suicide. A suicide can produce intense grief in parents, partners, children, siblings, relatives, friends, and others.

Coping with bereavement after a suicide can be more difficult than dealing with other losses because of the feelings of shame , guilt, and rejection that are often experienced. The stigma that still attaches to deaths by suicide in many cultures can increase the bereaved person's sense of isolation and vulnerability. Animals provide companionship, acceptance, and emotional support.

So when a beloved pet dies, it's not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the intensity of the sorrow. Other people may find it hard to understand such a reaction to what they may see as the loss of "just" a pet, and they may, therefore, be less understanding of this grief. When someone's death is expected, those close to that person may experience anticipatory grief.

Therefore, it sometimes seems easier to avoid confronting these feelings. But working through sorrow and allowing themselves to express such feelings can help a bereaved person recover. If you or someone you know is having difficulty coping with a loss, it's important to seek professional help. While a family physician can often help, grief counseling or therapy may be appropriate. If the symptoms of grief last for much longer than is typical—or, conversely, if one has few or no such symptoms—the bereaved individual may be experiencing what has been called "complicated grief.

Leon Trotsky assassinated in Mexico

CGT involves setting recovery goals , discussing the death, and making plans for the future. The American Psychological Association identifies a number of actions that bereaved people can take, on their own or with loved ones, that may help them cope. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The Power of Boundaries Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Acknowledging Collective Victimization. Symptoms A wide and confusing range of emotions may be experienced after a loss.

Causes The reaction to loss will, in part, be influenced by the circumstances surrounding it and one's relationship to the deceased. A Loss Due to Suicide A suicide can produce intense grief in parents, partners, children, siblings, relatives, friends, and others. During the game, a man in a gorilla suit walks on to the court, pounds his chest and then walks off. Why is this so important? Because, as Peterson notes, you only see what you aim at — not only metaphorically but also literally and physiologically. Your perception is adjusted to your aims.

So if your aims are dark and corrupted, you will see the dark and corrupt things that facilitate your aims. And if your aims are high, you will see different things.

Belief colours perception. This fits in with his claim that you must pursue proper meaning rather than happiness. Happiness is a great side effect. When it comes, accept it gratefully. And perhaps a suicidal failure. Happiness is like cotton candy. But how do we build meaning? By putting it before expediency.

Peterson believes that everyone is born with an instinct for ethics and meaning. It is also a matter of responsibility — you need to have the courage to voluntarily shoulder the great burden of being in order to move towards that meaning. This is what the biblical stories tell us.

Tragedy, Katharsis, and Community in Aristotle’s Poetics

The great world stories have a moral purpose — they teach us how to pursue meaning over narrow self-interest. He lays out how the Adam and Eve myth shows the coming of self-consciousness — and therefore an awareness of mortality, vulnerability, the future, and good and evil. Everyone in the story immediately starts to lie and dodge the blame — Adam blames Eve, Eve blames the serpent. Peterson talks a lot about the power of resentment in his writings.

We hate those who are better than us God, Abel and want to destroy them, then lie to hide from the consequences. But cowering in your basement resenting everyone is the real pathway to darkness. That tells you two things. Having said that, and noting that his lectures are purely about the psychological rather than the theological value of the Bible, Peterson is a devout Christian.

Which is a form of insanity. The ethical burden is ridiculous. That is the thing about life.

Does he believe in life after death? For many years, Peterson, his wife and daughter fought the illness, which clearly caused Mikhaila terrible suffering.

Broken Open to Greatness: Transforming Tragedy into Triumph | Jonathan Fields

It is also on record that Peterson and his daughter have suffered clinical depression. It is impossible to be sure, but it seems clear that the agony of these experiences has had a major impact on him and how he comes to focus on the underlying darkness of life.

There is much more to be said about Jordan B Peterson. He is a strange mixture of theologian, psychologist, conservative, liberal, wit and lay preacher. He can go from cuddly to razor sharp in a beat. His primary concern, however, which underpins nearly everything about him, is the defence of the individual against groupthink, whether on the right or the left. And I mean that unconditionally. The west is the only place in the world that has ever figured out that the individual is sovereign.

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